1942 Koret "Slackadazicals" purse advertisement by artist Vladimir Bobri.

The Vintage Purse Gallery

Behold the Bag

Feast your eyes on some of the most cleverly designed handbags you'll ever see. Created by fashion visionaries of the 1940s-1970s, these purses are Mid-Century Modern works of art. Maker names you may recognize are Sourè, Midas of Miami, Faye Mell Designs, Jolles, Morris Moskowitz, Rosenfeld, and many more. Some purses in the collection do not have manufacturer tags or imprints, but even with their makers and back-stories lost to time, their whimsy and creativity remain for us to enjoy.

Materials used in these portable works of art include wicker, velvet, lace, wood, plastic, Bakelite, Lucite, fur, leather, metal, rhinestones, faux gemstones, trims, paints, shells, feathers and and more. The composition of these purses was limited only by the imagination of their talented creators. 

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